Who writes more in your Telegram chat? What are your most used emojis? Did you write more last year than this year? Find out in a few minutes with Telegramalyzer. We show you how to backup your Telegram chat history and show you all the most relevant charts and statistics.

We do NOT upload your logs onto our server when you analyze your logs. Everything happens locally in your browser. You can even disconnect your internet connection before uploading your logs, it will work anyway.

How do I get my Telegram chat log (in 5 minutes)?
You need a PC with the Google Chrome browser for this

Unfortunately Telegram doesn't provide a built-in functionality for creating chat backups. Luckily for us, a developer called pagpagnet created a very good Chrome extension to backup your Telegram chat. You can download it from the Chrome Store or have a look at the source code on Github . It only takes a few clicks to backup your chat log. This video tutorial should help you getting finished quickly.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the developer of this extension so we have no influence on it.

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